Monday, July 25, 2011

Desperately Seeking Vegemite

You won't find it lined up with the peanut butter on the grocery store shelf.  Welcome to America where the Vegemite testing agents exposed its victims to thick lashings of the delicacy;  managing in one fast blunder to deprive a nation of a fabulous morning experience enjoyed by millions of Australians daily.

So, where do you find this prized nutrient?  There are options ...

Option No. 1 (most economical):  Have the rellies bring it with them when they come to visit or fill every gap in your suitcase with the vegemite tubes after a trip back home.  Just remember to put it in your checked luggage or the carry-on police will confiscate it.

Option No. 2 (running low and no visits on the horizon):  Cost Plus World Market has an array of Australian favorites, including vegemite.  Get ready for the hefty price.

Option No. 3 (don't need it today):  Go online to  You can even get cartons filled with lunchbox size portions.  Once again - be prepared to pay!

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